Velosant was formed to deliver financial supply chain management solutions that accelerate efficiency while improving visibility and accuracy.
WildOutWest was responsible for developing all aspects of this company launch, including naming, brand architectures and product naming protocols as well as all marketing communications since inception through the acquisition of two larger organizations -BillingZone ($5M), and Taxware ($27m). Both mergers required seamlessly integrating all points of contact with customers, revising key messages and value propositions, while assimilating diverse corporate cultures.
ABOUT THE NAME  This brand name successfully integrates a sustainable value proposition into the brand identity. The name combines speed (velocity) with knowledge (suffix “sant”) to put forward a brand image with a great deal of integrity in terms of a company that supplies financial management solutions which accelerate efficiencies and improve visibility.
Acquired by QPass. in 2005
Image used for Ads, web and tradeshow graphics evoked efficiency with a formula One Team pit crew in action.
Velosant develops Supply Chain Management software solutions and applications for managing actionable data.
CAPABILITIES BROCHURE: The website and all the product literature supported Velosant’s product offerings with substance. An overall capabilities brochure communicated the broad transactional expertise, integrated approach to solving complex problems and strong partnerships that Velosant has to back up the solutions.
Notice the inside pages are tabbed / indexed.
Display for events, Accelerate efficiency, visibility and accuracy in enterprise supply chain management.
Business cards
This is the login page for the Intranet
WEBSITE: This is a relatively large site, incorporating all key messaging for the three merged companies. Sophisticated navigational system follows a rich, layered information architecture. Visit the site on the web at:
PRODUCT BROCHURES: Product lines from the two companies were integrated to present a unified corporate identity. Complex value propositions needed to match up with integrity.
Sometimes a simple, clear namemark is the best solution. In combination with rich imagery and consistent use of key colors, we are able to tie a strong brand image together without a brandmark icon per se.
Wild Out West: New Venture
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