$150M Venture Capital Fund. From name to brand and website.

Development began with naming. Interviews with the founders, discussions of strategy and underlying fundamentals to the fund's core investment strategies.  We looked at which types of early stage companies they would fund, and in which countries. 

Name development for an international world class brand requires looking at dozens of potential names - then using a unique four point weighted scale for ranking - we get to the top four.

1. Credibility, Memorability, Ownership and Intrinsic Strategic Value are considered.
2. Each name is translated into dozen of languages to find linguistic anomalies.
3. Complete trademark searches conducted.
4. Domain names and registration researched to ensure a path to the dot com domain.

The panel below details our ranking system for name development.
To choose between the top four finalists, mock business cards were made, and the founders would use these to test- run brands. How does the name sound? Look? how is it received? 
With a name chosen, we look to evolve a visual identity for the brand. How to create something memorable, that has integrity with the message and value of the venture and communicates with sustainable impact...  Which would you choose?
1) WEB PRESENCE: Concept ONE World commerce, fueled by people.
2) A Second Concept for a web presence... with a visual metaphor and animated graphic of a tree- going from leafless and dead, to bearing fruit.

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