Kalera grows amazing produce in controlled environments. We scaled from start-up, to corporate JV, $120M in PE capital to being listed on NASDAQ.

The KALERA name was created to rebrand EcoConvergence Group. It is one of the largest hydroponic growers of leafy greens in the US.  International trademark secured along with all top level domains. There have been a couple of brand identities as the company evolved, reflecting a changing management team. 
The original vision for the company was to install high-profile growing facilities in major resorts and hotels around the world. Above, is a photograph of the first facility, located at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL., 

Below the animation that showed the vision for initial partners and investors.
Shows Controls user interfaces. These controls are served locally and accessible behind password encryption on mobile devices.
Primary Controls: it is possible to see the entire facility, growing upwards of 3M heads of lettuce from this interface, and at a glance know where any issues are. Monitors key metrics for 80 stacks of plants, each unto 15 layers tall. 
Shows key metrics for nutrient tanks
Interfaces and controls included full ticketing system for managing maintenance.

The brochure shown is part of a direct marketing campaign addressing food service and restaurant trade buyers. 
eCOMMERCE PLATFORM - for Restaurant and Food Trade orders.
Product features on e-commerce site
Facility tour Video, used as the intro for the main website.
First Retail Package -distributed at LuckyStores.
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