HP Domain was the introduction of Hewlett Packard’s first integrated platform for  e-commerce.
WOW was brought in by HP’s Public Relations firm, Porter Novelli.  Several larger agencies had passed on the project, as the deadline was near impossible. The launch was completed from conceptual strategy to print collateral in less than 3 months. The project including multimedia presentations, brochures and a launch event that included a pavilion of custom demo stations that showcased exhibits for each of HPs strategic partners.
The technologies behind the offering were complex and technical and there were several corporate divisions involved, each requiring buy-in. We worked with HP’s managers to create impactful and unique visual analogies for each key message to present the value:
1. Integrated Hardware Platforms -rugby
2. Predictable QOS -sunrise
3. Personalized Solutions -child’s eye
MULTIMEDIA: Screen shots from a live multimedia presentation launching HP’s suite of internet solutions.
Complex ideas were condensed into bold key messages and delivered to the worldwide media on a 40 foot screen.
The launch event was held with a keynote by the CEO of HP at the Federal Reserve Building in SF, with presentations made in custom made booths for each of the key strategic partners.
We worked with divisional presidents and marketing executives at HP.
Rhonda Shantz, ran the project and was with Porter Novelli Public Realtions at the time, www.rhondashantz.com
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