Homing begins by removing friction from the home buying experience. Realtors get to meet potential buyers because they have local expertise and availability. 

Getting in to see a home is as easy as scheduling a ride across town. This is just the start, where the model is to turn the commoditization of homebuyers upside-down, sandpit the buyer first.
Animated Brand Icon is at once easily recognizable, friendly and helpful.
We began with a NAME development process, looking for an available DOT com domain and negotiating the acquisition mainly for equity. We negotiated with two trademark holders to free up the domain and build the brand.

Previously, the company had been named Home Caravan.
Brand guidelines established and User Interfaces developed
Animating the brand icon and mascot for interaction and transitions.
Essentially enabling a simple way to find the homes people want to see, and connecting with qualified local agents.
If you would like to see the business plan, please contact us.
Corporate Identity. The brand made for a very unique street sign also.
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