The company developed a new medical device that is improving the outcomes of lower lumbar surgical procedures. CoAlign's AccuLIF is a hydraulically expandable cage that brings a new level of precision and alignment to spine proceedures.
This page details some of the marketing for launch,  from naming and branding, product demonstration animations, funding, trade show displays, website and sales support campaigns, establishing initial traction in the market.  We developed the company and product names and saw this process through securing international trademarks. The Brand is both a corporate and product brand.

Website hompage features a javascript animation that allows visitors to interact with the content. 3D CAD model product demonstration, plays movies with clinical studies etc.
These product images are a combination of CAD and Macro photography, which allowed us to animate the product photographs accurately and to a minute detail.
This site showcases the absolute pinnacle of what’s possible in terms of lumbar spine procedures. Interactive animations bring the site to life both with ultra realistic 3D product demonstrations and CAD animations. The site images also feature the use of X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures of a patient through the use of a fluoroscope.
CAD models were combined with Macro product photography for ultra realistic product animations showing the product expasion and then also replicating proceedures with anatomically correct models of the spine.
The screen shots show stills of animations made in Java Script, to view the animations, please visit tihe site
EXHIBIT BOOTH  -image above shows a tabletop scale model of a design for a 20 x 10 foot booth. Models give us a degree of flexibility in collaborative design as we can move elements, add signs and determine the sequence and priority of information. See the booth in construction below
Full size booth in construction at our fabricators. the posts on the left and right support 42" LCD screens which play the animations we have shown above.
The market for these medical devices is saturated and highly fragmented and as such the greatest business opportunity was to create a standard. The technology delivered that higher standard, however, it would take a huge effort to gain brand recognition. CoAlign found traction in the marketplace by connecting with surgeons viewed as thought leaders. Sales plays a critical role in the success of this product roll out, and ultimately determined adoption. The case study show below is an example of how we showcased the work of these thought leaders and connected the product performance advances with the results.
CASE STUDY APPS   Case Studies were produced both in a printed format as well as content viewable and optimized as episodes in an app optimized for tablets.
Business Cards and complete corporate identity through stationery, invoices forms etc.
The tombstone memorializing the acquisition of CoAlign by Stryker Medical. The actual device is suspended into the lucite.
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