Development of a new product. Bambu Rum started with David Kanbar, previously president of SKYY Vodka.  The technology for distilling and filtering the impurities out of alcohol resulted in SKYY vodka becoming one of the leading vodkas in the world in about seven years. 

The idea is to replicate this success with the white rum market.  The product was distilled from cane sugar in Antigua. 
We started visualizing the product image as completed packages with a series of rough hand sketches ...  These rough sketches were used in discussions with the glass manufacturer.
These were refined to bottle sketches, ready for modelling.
The glass was made in France, the wooden cap in Italy and the metallic label printed in Canada, at a specialist flexographic printer capable of printing on the adhesive side of the label (shows through the glass on the inside of the bottle). 
Line extensions for flavors were considered. 
The case was designed to be made from metallic silver stock. Modern, clean and bold.
The shipper was designed to enable an end-asle display with four boxes stacked end-to-end. Gave a good reason to create an order of a minimum of 4-8 cases fora retailer. A display stand was added for on-premise and event promos.
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