Radically more effective core workout. Leverages instability to force the core muscles to work in every direction.  We helped bring it to market.

Starts with the name. AXIUS was Trademarked and the domain acquired. 
Developed the brand identity and initial website. 

Video for initial Launch. Aimed at direct pre-sales and Kickstarter backers. The actual Axius device was still in prototype form.

This is a high resolution 3D rendering based on CAD-CAM models. Helped us to visualize the product and gain vital pre-sales through Kickstarter.
again, this is an ultra realistic 3D model used for pre-sales.
Event Exhibit display used for trade events and gym intros
Printed Brochure was effectively used for direct marketing to gym owners.
WEB PRESENCE: Developed looped video short that starts on site load without a click, demonstrating the product in action. Quickly shows the site visitor what the product is, and how it works.  

The model automatically extends to demonstrate the primary core workout - showing what the product does and how it functions without explanation.
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